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16 Times Mark Ruffalo Proved He’s Absolutely Perfect

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You have to admit that Mark Ruffalo’s got it all: humor, charm, posture, humility. Oh, and let’s not forget the fact that he’s extremely handsome. A true keeper to say the least.

1. The time he was super humble about his fans.


Source: Tumblr | markfluffyruffalo

2. The time he became a super fan of his cast-mates.

Looking like a dad taking photos of his kids on the first day of school.


Source: Tumblr | cheers-mrhiddleston

3. The time he proved he is in love with Tom Hiddleston.

One of the cutest gifs out there, disregarding Tom’s expression.

A rare #throwback. Welcome to Instagram, Tom! @twhiddleston

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Source: Instagram | @markruffalo

4. The time he got super excited about seeing Paul Rudd.

Mark Ruffalo is all of us walking past Paul Rudd on the red carpet.


Source: Tumblr | tonysbanner

5. The time he was overjoyed about meeting Morgan Freeman.

I think this is the natural expression when someone meets Morgan Freeman.


Source: Twitter | @humanpotato25

6. The time he swept Meryl Streep of her feet.

Mark Ruffalo proved he is a true player, even receiving a kiss from Meryl.


Source: Tumblr | leiaorganaoil

7. The time he talked about Chris Hemsworth’s physique.

Chris Hemsworth is 6’3” and extremely ripped. No wonder Chris Evans says he isn’t human.


Source: Tumblr | captcevans

8. The time he confessed he isn’t very familiar with modern-day technology.

He accidentally streamed the first few minutes of Thor: Ragnarok (unreleased at the time) after he failed to properly close his Instagram Live stream.


Source: Tumblr | markfluffyruffalo

9. The time he said he was too old to play the Hulk.

I think he is being a little bit to harsh on himself.


Source: Tumblr | markfluffyruffalo

10. The time he gave Robert Downey Jr. credit for everything.


Source: Tumblr | markfluffyruffalo

11. Sharing personal space with the cast of Thor: Ragnarok.

Mark, Chris Hemsworth, and director Taika Waititi look adorable.


Source: Instagram | @markruffalo

12. The time he became friends with a super-fan on the set of The Avengers: Infinity War.

“Love when fans become your buddies!” Mark said about this photo.


Source: Instagram | @markruffalo

13. Mark truly has a wonderful family.

Mark and his wife, actress Sunrise Coigney, have one son and two daughters together.

This photo was taken on the opening night of The Price, a Broadway show starring Mark, Jessica Hecht, and Danny DeVito.


Source: Instagram | @markruffalo

14. The time his daughter made us all laugh.

I think she shouldn’t worry about that considering her dad is the Hulk.


Source: Tumblr | ltfrankcastle

15. This perfect photo.

This is just a precious moment, Mark getting a kiss by a sea lion.


Source: Instagram | @markruffalo

16. His role in 13 Going on 30.

We all fell in love with Mark in this movie.


Source: Tumblr | markfluffyruffalo
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