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16 Creative Holiday Crafts You Can Do Easily With Your Kids


It’s that time of the year! Decorating your house and putting out the Christmas tree is a ritual that many families love. Some do it last-minute, but some families spend weeks to prepare. Getting your kids involved in the decorating is also very important. You will not only keep them busy, but you will also have a helping hand. They will love this fun activity and your bond will strengthen as you create beautiful holiday crafts. Here are some lovely holiday ideas on crafts you can easily do with your kids, compiled by Diply.

1. Thanksgiving hand

Kick off the holiday season with this easy DIY that involves a lot of painting! Kids love to paint, so why not give them a chance to make their own turkey? Use colorful paint and encourage them to have fun in the process.


Source: The Jenny Evolution

2. Candy cane ornaments

Stringing beads is an excellent activity for kids to work on their fine motor skills. Plus, they will create this cool ornament for the upcoming holidays. Keep an eye on small pieces if you have toddlers at home.


Source: Fountain Avenue Kitchen

3. DIY snowmen

No snow this year? Who needs real snowmen when you have this easier and warmer alternative? Attach two plates and dress them up with buttons and facial features for a fun indoor craft. You can then hang them around the house and be proud of your craft.


Source: It’s Always Autumn

4. Pipe cleaner snowflakes

This simple craft is done by twisting together a few pipe cleaners. Next, you can use beads for endless fun and possibilities! This craft is also great because it’s super affordable.



5. Paint sample Christmas trees

Grab a few green samples from the store, and start shaping and decorating! You can use them as ornaments or Christmas cards.


Source: A Little Craft in Your Day

6. Thumbprint lights

This is a great keepsake for tracking your child’s thumb size each year! Choose your favorite colors and use a black marker to string them together! So simple and beautiful!


Source: Beneath the Rowan Tree

7. Dishtowel art

Use cookie cutters to “cut out” shapes, or you can let your kids be creative with these crafty holiday gifts.


Source: I Can Teach My Child

8. Cinnamon ornaments with no baking

These cinnamon dough ornaments are a great fun activity for kids who love helping their parents in the kitchen.


Source: Growing a Jeweled Rose

9. Scrabble tile fun

Choose personalized ornaments by using Scrabble tiles! Just glue them to some ribbon, add a hook and any extra embellishments and have fun!


Source: I Do My Selph

10. Snowmen hands

You will need some construction paper, handprints, and paint for this activity, which looks so much fun as it sounds!


Source: Pinterest

11. Play snow

Combine 3 cups baking soda with 1/2 of conditioner for hours of playing with this kids-friendly “snow.” Shape it the way your kids want and then store it for playing indoors! Sounds fun, right?


Source: Sassy Savvy Moms

12. Candy cane reindeer

Add pipe cleaners and fuzzy noses, plus some googly eyes, and you will create these cool DIY gifts. You can give them to teachers or friends.


Source: One Little Project

13. Thankful puppets

Add some faces feathers to a paper bag let your kids write what they are thankful for.


Source: Crafty Morning

14. Fall paintings

Use leaves or pine cones for some painting fun. Dip in paint and stamp for added texture.


Source: Princess Pink Girl

15. Custom mugs

For this craft, you need to use permanent markers. Draw your best holiday designs, then bake for 15 min at 350 degrees Fahrenheit to make it stick! Lovely!


Source: momADVICE

16. Mini snow globes

All you need is a couple of empty jars, glitter (snow), and some plastic toys to fill with water and glue the lid on tight. Easy, right? Your very own mini-sized snow globes!


Source: What to Expect

Here are some more Christmas DIY decorations.

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