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15 unbelievably cool devices for those who love cooking


If you spend a lot of time in your kitchen cooking up delicious dishes you’ve probably already invented most of these in your head already. These designs are so simple yet ingenious that it’s actually hard to believe you don’t see them more often. From preventing knife nicks to slicing the perfect onion or cake these will have you drooling before you even turn the oven on!

  1. Meat tongs


Now you can throw away that fork that has you slipping and sliding all over the plate.


2. Finger Protector

To protect yourself against cuts

This cut guard safe finger protector will save on those little blue band-aids.


2. Cooking Baskets

Baskets for cooking pasta

Now in one pan you can divide up the portions you cook, great for pasta or vegetables.


3. Cake Cutting Tin

A special mould for slicing cake layers

This stealthily designed cake tin mould allows you to cut the perfect dimensions for your cake.


4. Meatballs Moulds

How to make the perfect meatballs

This grilled meatball pan allows you to cook both sides perfectly and keep the shape.


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