15 Examples Of People That Literally Define The Term ‘Savage’


If you’re a regular user of the internet, I’m sure you’re familiar with the word “savage”. It’s used every time someone is told something that buries them 15 feet below the ground. Roasting, if you want to use one word. There are plenty of examples of savage people found all over the internet, mostly on Twitter, but Diply have decided to combine the best examples ever seen, and we’re more than happy to share them with you.

1. Statistically and realistically

15 Examples Of People That Literally Define The Term 'Savage' 1

Source: Tumblr | suckmysushi

2. Born as a mistake

15 Examples Of People That Literally Define The Term 'Savage' 2

Source: reddit | lampshade69

3. This fire is certainly cooking

This is the best joke I have made all year. Applaud me!


Source: Instagram | @thefitlifesarah

4. If you’re going to be a jerk, just be one that can spell


Source: Instagram | @bowserceo

5. Deeply offended by this prospect


Source: reddit | francobolo

6. Indeed it is

6. The 5 kg hat

Source: reddit | ohgoshwheretoend

7. Plot twist: Dmitri is an actual dog with a human as his photo


Source: Imgur | Ififsandbuttswerecandyandnutswedallhaveawonderfulchristmas

8. Mom sincerity at its finest


Source: Twitter | @wideopenwound

9. Mackenzie certainly finds it funny

9. Poor Dad

Source: Twitter | @Marshallc6

10. I like the group chat’s name here

10. Sometimes, emojis speak louder than words

Source: Imgur | WILLSG2803

11. Oops…

11. You're not an adult until you pay for your own broccoli!

Source: Twitter | @Allielizebeth

12. She told him good


Source: Instagram | @drsmashlove

13. Damn, Obama!

13. Now that's a mic dropper

Source: Instagram | @booda_bueno

14. Well, that’s at least one way of putting it…

Source: Instagram | @fareedb

15. That works too, I guess…

15. She'll burn ya good!

Source: Tumblr | okcupidescapades

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