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147 Years Old Wedding Dress Lost And Found In An Emotional Rollercoaster


The honeymoon of newlywed Tess Newall couldn’t have started worse when one of her most cherished possessions – a 147-year-old wedding dress made by her great-great-grandmother – was lost.

The bride from Morham, Scotland wore the dress produced in 1870 at her June 2016 wedding before handing it in for dry cleaning at the Kleen Cleaners company in the country’s capital, Edinburgh. The company meanwhile went bankrupt and reported the family artifact had been lost.

Tess, however, suspected the valuable piece of clothing might have been sold, instead. That’s when she took to Facebook where she asked people to help find what was a very important item for her whole family.


The Facebook post went viral and was shared more than 300,000 times


Tess Newall and Alfred Newall married in East Lothian, Scotland in June 2016


The receipt from the Kleen Cleaners dry cleaning service that later went into liquidation


The shop in Edinburgh’s St. Mary’s Street


After the tremendous support Tess’ Facebook post received, it wasn’t long before she got a call from the company running Kleen Cleaners’ administration proceedings, Wylie & Bisset. They informed the family that they have found a still uncleaned “antique lace dress in a crumpled heap on the floor.”


Tess immediately took to the social media platform to share the happy ending with the world


The newlywed was reunited with the antique wedding dress a week later


Produced in 1870, the valuable item has been in the family for five generations


It were Tess’ father Patrick Gammell who went to identify “the crumpled heap” left behind by the bankrupt firm


No one is quite sure whether losing the dress was really an unfortunate circumstance of the dry cleaners’ bankruptcy, or it was returned due to the publicity Tess’ Facebook post garnered. She was initially told the cleaning would take 8-10 weeks – a very long time, even for such an old wedding dress.


Does it really matter, though, after such a happy ending?


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