14 Pics That Prove There Are Two Types Of People

14 Pics That Prove There Are Two Types Of People


Humans might be complicated creatures, but we’re also very fond of making generalizations. Like the fact that most things can fit loosely into one of two categories as these pics prove it. Okay, fine, there are a lot of categories we can fall into, but when it comes to choosing, you’re either something or you’re not.

Our brains have two hemispheres after all. Two arms, two legs, that sort of thing. Plus, coding is a binary language. I wonder if one day, AI will be making generalizations and putting stuff into two categories… But I’m getting ahead of myself. This is science, say diply, and they mean serious business. So let’s get on with it. Behold – scientific evidence that there are two kinds of people!

1. That white pup clearly represents the so-called morning people who stretch and practice goal-setting before getting out of bed. Which… I’m not sure actually exist. Basically, aliens.

The brown pupper, however, embodies the rest of us who press the snooze button and don’t function without a cup of coffee. Basically, brown pupper is me. Good, good pupper…


Source: Twitter | @SelenaCoppock

2. Person on the left, you are up before the alarm goes off. Congratulations, you win The Functional Human award.

Person on the right, you have two dozen alarms and still sleep over all of them. Better check with the local guru if you’ve been a polar bear in a past life.


Source: YouTube | We Love Buzz

3. Red illustration: What’s wrong with you?

Yellow illustration: You could try being a little more creative. Bread triangles are getting a little old at this point.

Sandwiches shouldn’t be cut. Period.


Source: 2 Kinds of People | Joao Rocha

4. There is seriously two kinds of people. People. Just look at that!


Source: Reddit

5. The good old ‘aesthetics’ versus ‘pleasure’. While the left pic is more visually pleasing, just imagine the crunch and the tsunami of taste people from the right picture get. Mmmmmmmh! CRUNCH!


Source: Twitter | @KitKat_US

6. Some people use their Inboxes correctly, while others… Don’t.

As for me, that right picture gave me a skin rash just by looking at it.


Source: Twitter | @EliLanger

7. I have no horse in this race, but to each their own I guess. Just make sure you wash your hands well before… doing whatever nasty thing that is on the left side.

I’d rather dunk them in milk or tea though. Which begs the question: Are you a dunker or anti-dunk?


Source: Zimbio

8. Meh people Vs Creative people

Pretty Fly For A Wi-Fi is pretty damn hilarious, though. You gotta admit!


Source: 2 Kinds of People | Joao Rocha

9. Ketchup on the side is objectively worse. And less hygienic, since: 1) you’re having to pick up each piece of french fry, 2) with your fingers, 3) then scrape the plate with it a thousand times. Eeeewww!


Source: Reddit

10. There are two different people in our lives: those who put the toilet paper roll facing out, and those who are wrong.

Patent of the first toilet paper design proved this fact.


Source: Innoculous

11. Do you want to smudge your banana? Then go for the left option. Want a smooth, seamless banana experience? Go for the right.


Source: Funnyjunk

12. Ah, the heated debate that is Apple vs. Android. Do you opt for more features, or a streamlined approach?

In other words, a Swiss army knife, or a butter knife? Ahem.


Source: Brainjet

13. Half of you think that the bottom comment is negative and rather upsetting. But what does the other half think?

Well, those people wish that they thought of it first. Ha ha.


Source: B for Bel

14. Bookworms of the internet have dubbed those who dog-ear pages monsters. Which side are you on?


Source: Boing Boing BBS | Loryn Brantz
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