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13 Halloween Makeup Looks That Are True Masterpieces

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Human imagination does not have limits, it is infinitely flexible. And when you are as gifted as these makeup artists the possibilities are endless. Most of us usually work with the shape of our eyes, lips, and nose. Also,we all know how difficult it is to do a perfect winged eyeliner. However, these bold makeup artists on Instagram are completely disregarding the unwritten rules of makeup in the name of Halloween. Unlike us, they see their faces as a blank canvas and created true masterpieces, from unbelievably lifelike aliens, to a realistic screaming mouth that will send shivers down your spine. However, you won’t be able to see their eyes or mouths but when you do it will become even more terrifying. Also, the animal-related ones will probably haunt you in your sleep the day after Halloween.

Here is a list of them. Firstly, let’s start off with Instagram’s unofficial queen of optical illusions, a.k.a. Mimi Choi.

1. Lightning by Mimi Choi

This one is a true piece of art.

2. Alien (by Victor Cembellin)

3. Lightbulb (by Jihane El Yamri)

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4. What Ever Is Happening Here (by @isshehungry)

milanomoment. #isshehungry

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There’s a whole genre of terrifying mouth-related makeup.

5. Screaming Mouth (by @aqirazlah)

ohhemmgee makeup look 😝😱😂 #crazymakeups #hudabeauty #sigmahalloween17

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6. Laughing Mouth (by @zoe_artistsharvest)

7. Silent Snow White (by @ellimacssfx)

8. Eyeball (by @cedoviste)

9. Christmas Tree Topper (by @pigeon_pie_art)

10. Climbing Out (by @lisamarie_murphy)

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The animal-related ones might just be the creepiest of the bunch.

11. Hairless Cat (by Maria Malone)

12. Lion Goddess (by @beautyandthebeests)

13. Tied Up (by @innanai)

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