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13 Adorable Comics That Prove Being Comfortable In A Relationship Is The Best


Relationships are indeed hard. Don’t think that all those happy couples you see around you haven’t been through a hundred crisis, because that’s what a relationship is actually about. Overcoming a crisis and realizing you are meant for each other. It’s not always easy. Sometimes you could be away from one another, or you could just fall apart from constantly being together. And every once in a while, you will meet that one person you can be totally crazy with. You are comfortable doing anything them since you know they love you because you are as crazy as them in the first place. Luckily for you, some artists out there know what you are feeling and turn everything into comics. Not bursting out laughing while looking at the following ones can be considered an achievement.

When things aren’t as new and mysterious anymore, you know what exciting means for you. Watching your favorite TV show in pajamas, or just chilling on the floor. It can also get downright weird sometimes, but you don’t mind because you love each other. California-based comic artist Mary Park understands this experience on a spiritual level and decided to tell her long-term love story in the cutest way possible, leaving nothing out: the good, the bad, and the slightly traumatizing are all parts of her comic illustrations.

She just started the series back in June, but Park has already gained more than 66 thousand followers on Instagram. Scroll down to look at her attention-worthy art.

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1. When you thought she is super tired…


Then, this happens…




2. Giving each other certain odors is quite inevitable.

And annoying, too!




3. She is a strong, independent woman and does not need you!


4. That embarrassing moment of taking trash out


5. That’s why you love them, isn’t it?


6. The food tummy


7. Pimples are funny


8. Eating while dating, before and after getting comfortable




Level ten of comfortable


9. Just being bored


10. Furious


11. Giving each other giggles


12. AC discussions





13. After turning the AC on




Here are some more comics, this time about long-distance relationships.

Source: 9gag

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