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13 Halloween Makeup Looks That Look More Like Paintings Than Faces


Halloween is a time when various artists step up and show their creativity and innovative spirit at work. As a result, when somebody is applying makeup they tend to cover the eyes, lips and nose.

However, these artists cast away all rules of applying makeup when it comes to Halloween.

Furthermore, they interpret their faces as canvases, creating some truly masterful looks. Their faces are more painting-like that they are human.

If you take a closer look, you can actually see the features on their face that are so masterfully concealed beneath the makeup. If nothing else, it will make chills run down your spine.

1. Lightning – by Mimi Choi

2. Alien – Victor Cembellin

3. Lightbulb – Jihane El Yamri

I have not been able to find my creativity these days…did i run out of ideas? 💡 . . Llevo unos días sin creatividad..¿ Cuándo volverá a mi la iluminación? 💡

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4. What Ever Is Happening Here? – @isshehungry

milanomoment. #isshehungry

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5. Screaming Mouth – @aqirazlah

ohhemmgee makeup look 😝😱😂 #crazymakeups #hudabeauty #sigmahalloween17

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6. Laughing Mouth – @zoe_artistsharvest

💋LAUGHING FANGS💋 #5 #31daysofhaoween Loved doing this one! The top is also painted.. #facepaint #faceart #bodypaint #sfx #bodyart #illusion #illusionmakeup #vampire #fangs #lipart #blood

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7. Silent Snow White – @ellimacssfx

8. Eyeball – @cedoviste

9. Christmas Tree Topper – @pigeon_pie_art

10. Climbing Out – @lisamarie_murphy

11. Hairless Cat – Maria Malone

12. Lion Goddess – @beautyandthebeests

13. Tied Up – @innanai

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