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12 must-know money and time saving home hacks


No matter how much money you have its a shame to waste them without  any reason. We often end up having some ingredients or things that we can use for many purposes.  So, why buying something we already have. This fantastic hacks we have to show you will help you not to waste your money and time anymore. Take a look and try them.


You can sharpen your razor if you slide the razor the entire length of your jeans about 10-20 times in each direction.



No reason to waste money, power and water if yu can putt your washing machine on rapid wash if they don’t have any stains. they will be equally clean as you have washed them for 45 minutes.



You will save money if you ball up a piece of aluminum foil  and put in in the dryer. It will remove static and you dont need to repleacit each time like a dryer sheet.



Make your own hand soap

Make Your Own Hand Soap


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