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12 Makeup Tricks You Should Already Be Using


Hey there gorgeous people.

We have hand-picked these makeup hacks especially for you! Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned professional you will love these little tips for lips, lashes, brushes and brows. It’ll make your routine that little bit easier so you’re quicker out the door and looking lovelier than ever.

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1. Concealer Triangle


While dotting may be the most popular way of applying concealer. The upsidedown triangle actually does two things, it covers blemishes and redness as well as lifting your face. the illusion is created as your face is brightest under your eye.

2. Make eye shadow pop


Using a white eyeliner all over your lid before you apply your eye shadow to give the color more definition and intensify the result. It will also last longer as the powder will stick better to the liner than your eyelid.

3. Crosshatch for Smoky


Draw the hashtag symbol in the corner of your eye to create a super-easy smoky eye. Blend out the color with the smudger tool on the other end of your pencil.

4. Convert pencil to gel


Hold your pencil under the flame of a lighter for one second. Let the tip cool for 15 seconds. Now you can glide the color on with the effect of a gel liner for a trendy, smudgier application

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