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11 Celebrities Who Passed Their Awkward Childhood Phase And Matured


Growing up is a tough job, especially if you are a celebrity and you become famous at a very early age. Think about them, looking all innocent and so different than they are now, growing up in the public eye. Paparazzi constantly watch all of their moves, and things like braces, glasses and acne are horrifying nightmares for them. Luckily, some celebrities have been able to transcend their awkward childhood and puberty phases and turn into attractive adults. Here are some of them.

1. Kristen Stewart

Kristen is an actress who began her career at the age of eight with the movie The Thirteenth Year. She rose to fame for her role as Bella Swan in the The Twilight Saga. Recently, she appeared in Woody Allen’s Cafe Society. Looking more beautiful than ever!

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2. Kylie Jenner

Kylie Kristen Jenner is a television personality who first appeared on camera on the E! reality series Keeping Up With The Kardashians. A lot has been going on lately for the 20-year-old socialite, who is also known for pimping products on social media, such as her lip kit.


3. Alexa Vega

Alexa Ellesse PenaVega is an actress and singer who rose to fame as a child star through her role as Carmen Cortez in the movie series Spy Kids. This 28-year-old actress wed Carlos Pena, Jr., in 2013. Then, she changed her name to Alexa PenaVega. Look at her now!


4. Nicola Peltz

Nicola Anne Peltz is an actress who got her breakthrough role as Katara in the movie The Last Airbender when she was just 15. Since then, the star has done films such as Transformers: Age of Extinction. Also, she recently starred in the TV series Bates Motel.


5. Jonathan Lipnicki

Jonathan William Lipnicki is well-known for his childhood roles in the movies Stuart Little Parts 1 and 2, Jerry Maguire and The Little Vampire. This 26-year-old star won a few awards as a child actor and he currently stars in the TV series Interns of F.I.E.L.D.


6. Matthew Lewis

Matthew David Lewis is a British stage and television actor. He began his movie career back in 2001 playing Neville Longbottom in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. In July 2012, he received an honorary Masters of Arts degree from Leeds Metropolitan University. Also, he stars in the TV series Ripper Street and Happy Valley.


7. Alyson Stoner

Alyson Rae Stoner is an actress, singer, songwriter, voice actress, dancer and model. The multi talented girl rose to fame through her roles as child actress in the movie Cheaper by the Dozen and the television series The Suite Life of Zack & Cody. She also voiced Isabella in the animated series Phineas and Ferb.

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8. Michelle Trachtenberg

Michelle Christine Trachtenberg is an actress who has done great acting in the television series The Adventures of Pete & Pete and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Since then, she appeared in Gossip Girl and guest starred in other TV episodes.

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9. Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Joseph Leonard Gordon-Levitt is a well-known actor from our childhood. He appeared in A River Runs Through It and 10 Things I Hate About You when he was younger. He has certainly matured now as a 36-year-old!

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10. Tania Raymonde

Tania Raymonde is an actress who began her showbiz career in 2000 as Alice/Young Syd in Syd in Wonderland during an episode of the television series Providence. Then, she was only 12 year old! She also appeared in the TV series Lost and Malcolm in the Middle. She most recently appeared in the show The Lost Ship and is currently filming the Amazon series Goliath.

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11. Abigail Breslin

Abigail Kathleen Breslin is a talented actress and singer who appeared first on television at the age of three in a commercial. Later, her breakout movie was Little Miss Sunshine. Since then, she has appeared in dozens of movies and currently stars in the television series Scream Queens.


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