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10 Surprisingly Practical Uses For WD-40 Around The House


Do you hear squeaky breaks when you get into your car? You go home and the front door doesn’t open as easily as it used to? You take your tools to fix it but they are rusty? The solution is WD-40!

WD-40 is a spray whose main ingredient is a non-volatile violent oil that gives lubrication and protects surfaces from moisture.
But let’s say you want to clean your windows or remove the fingernail polish, or your kids keep spilling on the floor. In addition to its official usage, the possibilities for which you can use it around your home are endless.

1. Shower Doors

Cleaning glass, whether we talk about windows, mirror or shower doors is always stressful. Not anymore! Take a can of WD-40 and lightly spray it on the surface, wipe it clean and done. You won’t even recognize your shower door. As a plus, it will also prevent from building up residue.


2. Squeaky hinges

Does the squeaking sound of your doors get under your skin? All you have to do is spray some WD-40 on the top hinge,  then on the lower. Repeat until all you can hear is silence.


3. Wasp nests

We can all agree that bugs bring terror to even the bravest of us, especially wasps. Trust me you don’t want to experience that painful sting. The answer to a wasps-free home is a can of WD-40. With the first sight of spring, spray it under the eaves of your home and be sure the wasps would go as far as possible.


4. Toilet bowls

Toilets are filled with bacteria and stains, so ideas on how to clean them can be found everywhere. Toilet’s bleach sprays are expensive so the cheaper substitute would be spraying WD-40 into the toilet bowl and then scrubbing it with the toilet brush. Grime gone.


5. Fingernail polish

If you have children you know how much they want to experiment with make-up, especially with your favorite nail polish. You often find yourself scrubbing it off your floors with different products that only make the situation worse.  Instead, spray WD-40 on the spot, wipe and see how it works its magic.


6. Refrigerator

You finally decided to clean your refrigerator, but you’ll soon find out how stubborn a caked-on gunk can be.  Soap and water can’t do much against stubbornness. In this case, you need to use WD-40 and the mess will be gone.


7. Bird feeders

Are you one of the people who always find time in their agenda to feed the birds? How do you handle the annoying squirrels trying to steal the meal that’s not theirs? A layer of WD-40 sprayed on top of the feeder will definitely help you. The food will be intact and the squirrels will just have to slide down the feeder and disappear.


8. Rings

Ever felt the panic when we’ve tried our parent’s wedding ring and it wouldn’t come off. In that moment all you can thing of was your mother’s unnecessary overreaction.
Maybe you used the butter left from the cake she made for your birthday, but it didn’t work. Next time when you are feeling adventurous, just spray WD-40 on your finger and the ring will slide off right away.

9. Boots & shoes

Is the weather awfully rainy all the time where you live? Having costly waterproof shoes or boots is not the first priority on your shopping list? No need for worry. Just take your regular shoes and apply a layer of WD-40. This will prevent your shoes from getting wet all the time.


10. Snow

Snow would be amazing to have in the wintertime if you didn’t have to clean it from your windows and car doors during the morning. Spray this magic WD-40 spray on them to prevent the snow from building up and covering them.
Furthermore, even your shovel can be protected with a layer of the spray so you won’t have to fight with the sticky snow while you are cleaning your doorway.

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