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10 Most Extravagant Wedding Cakes That Are Too Beautiful To Be Tasted


Weddings are a big deal for many people, brides in particular. When people think about weddings, the first thing that comes into mind is one of these: the dress, or the cake. These  two really need to be perfect for a bride and a groom to be the happiest during the ceremony. Often times, cakes look extraordinary and epic. The dessert needs to be eaten last, and if it’s not the most beautiful part of the wedding, it’s sort of… anti-climactic? Here are some extravagant wedding cakes that are so satisfying to look at, and make you cry when you think of eating them.

1. The proud peacock

This cake really ruffles some feathers. Look at these 100 cupcakes, carefully placed at the tail of the spectacular masterpiece! Would you like to have a bite or two? I wouldn’t be the first one.


2. Stylish iced delight

This sophisticated iced delight looks like it came straight from the runway of a New York Fashion Show. Everything seems perfect, from the print, the colors, to the design.


3. Pretty pearls

This beautiful creation is embellished with real gold pieces and pearls! Wow! I couldn’t imagine the price of this gorgeous thing. Far too good to eat! Maybe they should put it in a museum or something.


4. A floral frenzy

The ultimate floral perfection for all those flower lovers out there! I literally have no words for this cake.


5. Feathers and fluff!

Madness of a cake! I just keep wondering how on earth did they do it. And how long did it take.


6. High in the sky

This one might have actually needed a small crane to reach the top!


7. Amazing floral detail


8. A cake fit for a King

This royal masterpiece is worthy of any royal. The layers looks like giant crowns!


9. Cinderella and the pumpkin carriage

The fairy-tale-inspired beauty replicates the pumpkin carriage from the world famous ‘Cinderella’. I’m so curious about its taste!


10. ‘It’s all about the bride’ cake

This bride had herself replicated into a wedding cake for her big day. At least the groom looks happy with that!


source: buzz.auntyacid


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